Structural Covering of Parking Lot at Shopping Mall

The subject of the study is the design of the steel structure of the structural overlay of the parking lot at the shopping mall, with the expected location in the city of Szczecinek – in Wind Load Zone I and Snow Load Zone II.

inż. Daniel Tabaka
Koszalin University of Technology

The facility has a rectangular floor plan with an area of 26,355 m², the structure is based on 22 columns, the roof covering is made of trapezoidal sheet metal, partly glazed and mounted on a substructure. The main load-bearing element are columns with a tubular, polygonal, cold-formed cross-section, an upper grid made of RO 219.1 x 6.3 and a lower mesh made of RO 193.7 x 6.3, and the cross-braces made of RO 168.3 x 6.3. The entire structure is made of the steel S355J0. All structural elements are individual shipping elements, and due to their large dimensions, the bolted assembly connections with the assembly of individual sections are planned on site. The objectives of the study include: Development of the covering geometry in the REVIT program, a load list, the wind flow simulation performed using the RWIND Simulation program, structural calculations and dimensioning of elements in the RFEM program, the load-bearing capacity design of the selected connections using the IDEA Statica program along with precise calculations of some components, taking into account the emergency situation caused by column failure.