Graphics in Parallels Desktop

I am using RFEM 6 on an Apple Macintosh and I use Parallels Desktop for this. The axes are not displayed correctly in the graphics. How can I fix that?


Parallels Desktop provides a virtual machine on the Macintosh that can run with Windows 11, for example. RFEM 6 can also be installed in this virtual machine.

The graphical issue suggests a problem with OpenGL. Unfortunately, Parallels Desktop only supports the outdated OpenGL version 3.3. RFEM 6 requires, at minimum, OpenGL 4.2.

The solution to the problem is to install the MESA drivers. First, install RFEM as usual within the virtual machine. Then, follow the instructions for activating the MESA software renderer in the virtual Windows environment, as described in this FAQ:

MESA Software Renderer

Now, you should be able to run RFEM 6 without any problems.


Mr. Faulstich is responsible for the quality assurance of the RFEM program and provides customer support.