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Is it possible to create or generate load combinations for the 1st Order Theory and the 2nd Order Theory (including imperfections) in RFEM in parallel? 


Yes, it is possible. It works.

If the automatic combinatorics is activated in RFEM or RSTAB, e.g. for the design situation "ULS", the load combinations are set automatically according to the 2nd Order Theory. 

Thus, it is possible to get a list of load combinations based on the defined load cases, which are calculated according to the 2nd Order Theory. The consideration of imperfection load cases can also be activated.

If some other load combinations have to be generated according to the 1st order theory (without imperfections) in addition to the existing load combinations calculated according to the 2nd Order Theory incl. imperfection, it is possible to create another combination rule for this. In this additional combination the design situation "ULS" can also be selected by now. However, you can now select the calculation type "1st Order Theory" and deselect the imperfections. 

As a result, load combinations according to the 2nd Order Theory incl. imperfection (blue marking in the graphic below) and load combinations according to the 1st Order Theory without imperfection (red selection in the graphic below) are now obtained. 

This approach can be used, if structural analysis according to the 2nd Order Theory (incl. imperfection) has to be performed on a part of the structure and on individual structural components, e.g. according to the equivalent member method or model column method. 

Optionally, it is also possible to control the numbering of the individual CO groups in the "Combination Rule" tab in advance. Thus, for example, a group can start with CO 100, and the second group with CO 200. As a result of this, the user can improve the clarity or allocation of the COs.


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