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The programs by Dlubal Software provide a material library. It covers almost all materials commonly used in civil engineering including the corresponding parameters for calculation and design.

The following material categories are available: Concrete, Lightweight concrete, Steel, Stainless steel, Softwood timber, Hardwood timber, Glulam, Masonry, Aluminum, Glass, Gas (for insulating glass panes), Soil (for foundation designs), Cast iron, Cable, Reinforcing steel, Prestressing steel, Copper, LVL (Laminated Vineer Lamber), Plywood, OSB, Particleboard, Fibreboard, Gypsum, Wood (North America), Wood (South Africa).

Since the material properties are usually described in material standards or design codes, the material categories mentioned above are sorted by the following standard group: ANSI/AWC, AS, ASTM, BDS EN, BS, BS EN, CAN/CSA, CSN, CSN EN, CYS EN, DB SE‑A, DIN, DIN EN, DK EN, DE, GB/T, GOST, IRL EN, IS, JIS, LST EN, NBN EN, LVS EN, NBR, NEN EN, NF EN, NMX, NP EN, PN EN, NS EN, SANS, SFS EN, SIA, SIST EN, SR EN, SP, SS EN, SS‑EN, STN EN, UNE EN, UNI EN, ÖNORM B.

In order to find exactly the right material for your calculation, the material library provides options for filtering by material category group, material category, standard category, standard, special application, and species. These filters may help you find any material with the correct standard for the corresponding application.

In the case you do not know the exact name of the standard, you can use a search function in the material library. In this way, you can display all materials with similar text in the name, regardless of the standard.


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