Customer Project | Moritzplatz Demonstrator, Augsburg

🌳 Designed for the annual summer event #Stadtgewaechs organized by #StadtSparkasse Augsburg, the wooden lattice shell is a real showstopper! ✨ Elegant and modern, this familiar material embraces an impressive length of over 15m.

🔬 The load-bearing capacity and stability of the shell were meticulously examined using the RFEM structural analysis software before moving forward with manufacturing. 📐

🔨 In 2022, a similar project laid the foundation for an even more remarkable 2023 edition, benefiting from innovative expertise. 🚀 As a result, the span expanded from 7m to 15m, and the shell's area increased from 20m² to 127m². 📈

⚙️ Given the larger scale, the responsible parties entrusted the skilled fabrication of the wooden components and assembly to CLTech in Kaiserslautern. 🔧 To bridge the gap between research and the timber construction industry, modern woodworking machinery was consciously integrated. 💪

👏 A truly beautiful and successful construction project! Kudos to everyone involved! 🏗️✨