RSTAB - Structural Frame & Truss Analysis Software

Linear and Nonlinear Structural Analysis

The model is calculated linearly according to the linear static analysis or nonlinearly according to the large deformation analysis. In order to determine internal forces, results can be superimposed in combinations.

  1. Selecting calculation method

    Individual Setting of Calculation Parameters

    All member types can be calculated according to the linear static, second-order or large deformation analysis. The selection option is available for load cases and load combinations. Further calculation parameters are individually adjustable for load cases, load and result combinations. Thus, high flexibility regarding the calculation method and detailed specifications is ensured.

  2. Incremental Load Application

    Loads can be applied incrementally. The increment option is especially useful for calculations according to the large deformation analysis. For members, you can consider shear deformations and apply internal forces to a deformed or undeformed structural system. In addition, RFEM allows you to perform post‑critical analysis.

  3. Calculation process with a diagram showing deformations

    Analysis of Independent Substructures

    It is possible to calculate independent substructures. Deformation development is displayed in a diagram during the calculation. In this way, you can easily evaluate the convergence behavior.

  4. Imperfection applied to a member

    Simple Application of Imperfections

    Imperfections can be applied to members, member lists, and continuous members. The numbering of members is not important. The SUPER-RC add-on module enables combinations of load cases across different models i.e. files. Thus, different construction stages can be determined.

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