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I want to create a cross-section of several individual elements in DUENQ. However, I can not connect the elements so that they act as a whole element.


Elements are linked together if you have common nodes. Thus, the elements 1 and 2 shown in Figure 1 below are connected via the common node 2.

A rigid connection of two elements without a common node can be modeled in DUENQ with a null element. For a zero element, the normal thickness t is equal to zero. The thrust thickness t * must be greater than zero for each element. The determination of a thrust thickness t * is required for zero elements that are not touched along their entire length by "normal" elements (thickness t greater than zero). It is advisable to specify the thickness of the thinnest element adjacent to the zero element. Such a null element is also generated via the function "Connect node and element". It must be ensured that the connection can always be established via the nodes of the elements but not via the auxiliary points of the elements (see Figure 2).


Connect elements zero element


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