Freischütz Pedestrian Bridge, Germany

The existing Freischütz pedestrian and cyclist bridge was renewed as part of the 4-lane widening of federal highway 236 between Dortmund/Schwerte and the Schwerte motorway junction of the Autobahn 1 highway.

The Dlubal customer Verkehrs- und Ingenieurbau Consult GmbH (VIC) was responsible for the structural analysis and execution planning of the bridge. For the structural analysis, the FEA software RFEM and the cross-section properties software SHAPE‑THIN were used.

Structure and Design

The Freischütz pedestrian and cyclist bridge is basically a Vierendeel truss with a curved floor plan, which is the transom of an integral frame structure. In RFEM, VIC modeled the main supporting structure of the steel bridge with members made of hollow box sections, as well as modeling the foundations with elements made of solid concrete. The span of the bridge is approx. 111.5 ft. Pedestrian loads and the loading from a special vehicle had to be applied as the traffic load.

In addition to the structural analysis according to RE‑ING 2‑5, Difficulty Class 3, the vibration behavior of the bridge was also analyzed. The dynamic analysis result proved that normal pedestrian traffic can only excite the structure to low levels of vibration, which do not affect its serviceability.

Location B236 - Freischütz
58239 Schwerte

Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH

Structural Analysis and Design, Execution Planning

VIC Planen und Beraten GmbH

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 510
Number of Lines 384
Number of Members 157
Number of Surfaces 44
Number of Solids 4
Number of Load Cases 1
Total Weight 758.146 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 35.124 x 27.338 x 7.846 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 115.24 x 89.69 x 25.74 feet
Program Version 5.32.00

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