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Is it possible to calculate the shear-punching reinforcement in RF-PUNCH Pro for a fixed longitudinal reinforcement value?


Yup. If the user specifies that the longitudinal reinforcement can be used for shear-punching verification, the additional RF-PUNCH Pro module increases the reinforcement ratio by increasing the longitudinal reinforcement. In this case, a specific shear-punching shear reinforcement is inviolable only when the design value of the resistant shear-punching shear without shearing-punching reinforcement is less than the stressing action of the shear-punching force even with the maximum longitudinal reinforcement ratio .

To ensure that RF-PUNCH Pro does not increase the longitudinal reinforcement to avoid shear-punching reinforcement, but directly calculate the latter for a given longitudinal reinforcement value set by the user, the Define check box of the line Cross section in the window 1.5 Cutting-punching nodes of RF-PUNCH Pro, and insert a constant value of longitudinal reinforcement.


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