Torsional Warping (7 DOF) | Features

  • Consideration of 7 local deformation directions (ux, uy, uz, φx, φy, φz, ω) or 8 internal forces (N, Vu, Vv, Mt,pri, Mt,sec, Mu, Mv, Mω) when calculating member elements
  • Usable in combination with a structural analysis according to linear static, second-order, and large deformation analysis (imperfections can also be taken into account)
  • In combination with the Stability Analysis add-on, allows you to determine critical load factors and mode shapes of stability problems such as torsional buckling and lateral-torsional buckling
  • Consideration of end plates and transverse stiffeners as warping springs when calculating I-sections with automatic determination and graphical display of the warping spring stiffness
  • Graphical display of the cross-section warping of members in the deformation
  • Full integration with RFEM and RSTAB