FAQ 004630 | I would like to determine the resulting wind load for a building by floor. What is the easiest way to do this?

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I would like to determine the resulting wind load for a building by floor. What is the easiest way to do this?


The fastest way is to use a result beam. For the sake of convenience, you can place it directly next to the building.

Figure 01 - Result beam

The function of the result beam is to transfer all internal forces of members, surfaces, and solids to a beam element in order to obtain the internal forces for the entire structure referred to a beam. The result beam allows you to display the resulting shear force for each floor in the X- and Y-direction.

After defining the result beam, you can view the internal forces integrated into the result beam. The internal forces Vz and Vy are important for the evaluation. The maximum of the shear force is visible on the bottom side of the result element which takes into account the entire structure.

Figure 03 - Result Beam | Reading Value

The shear force for each floor is always determined by the difference between the upper and lower value. It is necessary to use a sufficiently fine division of the result beam (Calculation Parameters → Global Calculation Parameters → Number of divisions of members for - Result diagrams), and to define a sufficiently fine FE mesh as this can sometimes have a strong impact on the result accuracy.


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