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I have dimensioned several reinforced concrete surfaces of my model with the add-on module RF-CONCRETE Surfaces and get now in the representation of the required shear reinforcement a-sw in sub-areas no results. What can this be?


Please check the rated section sizes on the addressed elements.

If the cross-section of an element is completely cracked, it is not possible to carry out a transverse force design on the RF-CONCRETE surface module on this element. In the result masks of the module, you will also receive an indication with the number 13, according to which the cross-section is completely torn at these points and the lateral force-carrying capacity is not detectable.

Further information on the determination of the lateral force day ability can be found in the manual for RF-CONCRETE Surfaces in section Transverse force carrying capacity without shear force reinforcement , which you can download in the download area of our homepage .


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