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RSTAB has not yet used several cores to the same extent as is the case with RFEM. Is an optimization on multicore processors also planned for RSTAB because this has a significant influence on the processor selection?


RSTAB also already uses the advantages of parallelization. Basically, the parallelization of RSTAB 8 and RFEM 5 can be summarized as follows:

Parallelization of program parts in RSTAB 8 and RFEM 5 (not included in the calculation)

The advantages of the parallelization are primarily used in the printout report. In particular, browsing the printout report (i. h. retrieving the table of contents) with several cores.

For the future versions, it is planned to use the parallelization more frequently. For example, the creation of the printout report should be almost always parallelized.

There are two different ways to use multiple cores:

Inner parallelization

Parts of a program process run in several threads at the same time. It is recommended to use only physical cores, not logical (virtual). The experience gained with scientific and technical calculations has shown that the parallelization has the advantage of a maximum of approximately 3.5 times the acceleration, regardless of the number of cores. Some processes, such as the iterative equation solver, are not suitable for such a parallelization.

External parallelization

Individual calculations are performed in individual threads. For example, you can run four solvers in four threads to calculate four different load combinations.


At present, these two types of parallelization are not yet used in RSTAB. However, RFEM plans to use Outer Parallelization with RSTAB in the future.


In RFEM 5, internal parallelization will already be used in some program parts. These are, for example, the combination of the local stiffness matrix and the direct equation solver.

The program part named "FemBase" is massively parallelized: It calculates the result combinations and returns all results to the graphics, tables, and sections. He can read the result of three load cases in three threads and, for example, calculate the result combination in the fourth thread.

However, the outer parallelization is not yet used. However, work is already in progress on this.


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