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How can I optimize the calculation time in CRANEWAY?


In the case of long crane runways and many cranes, the large number of load combinations can lead to a long calculation time. The following settings affect the calculation time significantly:

Method of calculation for determining internal forces
  • Fast calculation (calculation of all load combinations according to the 1st-order analysis, then calculation of the governing load combinations according to the second-order bending-torsion analysis)
  • Detailed calculation (calculation of all load combinations according to second-order bending torsion analysis)
The fast calculation type may therefore be useful for the preliminary design.

Desired maximum length of the finite elements
The maximum length of the finite elements generated for the calculation according to the second-order analysis for flexural-torsional buckling analysis can be entered within a range of 100mm to 2500mm. A finer division of finite elements significantly increases the calculation time.
Thus, you should select a reasonable length of the finite elements for an optimized calculation time depending on the structural system. In general, eight elements per beam surface are sufficient to calculate the deformations with a deviation of less than 5% relative to the exact solution.

Number of load combinations
You can use a reasonable setting of the moving step to control the number of generated load combinations. When entering the moving step, the generated number of crane load positions and load combinations is already displayed in a preview. A small increment results in many load combinations that take more time in the calculation.


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