Product Feature

After the calculation, the module shows clearly arranged tables listing the results of the nonlinear calculation including all intermediate values. Graphical representation of design ratios, deformations, concrete and reinforcing steel stresses, crack widths, crack depths, and crack spacing in RFEM facilitates a quick overview of critical or cracked areas.

Error messages or remarks concerning the calculation help you find design problems. Since the design results are displayed by surface or by point including all intermediate results, you can retrace all details of the calculation.

Due to the optional export of input or result tables to MS Excel, the data remains available for further use in other programs. The complete integration of results in the RFEM printout report guarantees verifiable structural design.

RFEM Concrete Structures

Add-on Module

Physical and geometrical nonlinear calculation of beam and plate structures consisting of reinforced concrete

Price of First License
1,300.00 USD