RSBUCK | Input

Product Feature

RSBUCK is distinguished by easy handling, clear data arrangement and great user-friendliness. With only a few mouse clicks, you can define the number of buckling modes to be calculated as well as the load case to be considered.

Structural data and boundary conditions set in the selected load case are imported automatically from RSTAB. Alternatively, you can edit the imported axial forces or enter new values manually. It is also possible to create further RSBUCK cases in order to perform several analyses each with different boundary conditions.

For a better result display, it is possible to set the units individually in RSBUCK. If the RSTAB internal forces are not available when starting the RSBUCK module, the program calculates the required internal forces automatically before determining the buckling values.


Add-on Module

Stability analysis according to the eigenvalue method

Price of First License
670.00 USD