Pavilions at Oslo Airport in Gardermoen, Norway

Structures Analyzed with Dlubal Software

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Customer Project

In the new terminal of the international airport Oslo-Gardermoen, five pavilions have been built to provide a space for duty-free shops and restaurants.Blumer-Lehmann AG in cooperation with Lindner Group planned, fabricated and assembled the freely shaped timber structures.

Investor Oslo Lufthavn SA
Architect Nordic - Office of Architecture
Oslo, Norway
General Contractor Lindner Group
Arnstorf, Germany
Planning, Fabrication, Assembly Blumer-Lehmann AG
Gossau, Switzerland
Digital Planning Design-to-Production GmbH
Zurich, Switzerland
Structural Analysis SJB.Kempter.Fitze AG
Eschenbach/Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Dimensions of Pavilion M1


Nordic Architects from Oslo, Norway, was responsible for the design, and SJB.Kempter.Fitze provided the structural calculation. A total of approximately 500 Kerto‑Q panels and 1,766 ftm³ of glued laminated timber were used.


The pavilions should originally be made of steel. However, due to the complexity and geometry of the structures, engineers decided to use the timber as a versatile and flexible material.

Form-finding was defined by the architects. This was followed by a refinement of the predetermined surfaces and the development of a supporting structure made of timber ribs (Kerto‑Q beams or glulam trusses). The axis model of the frames was created and transferred to RSTAB. The structural calculation then showed the width of the frames (the height is always constant).

About 10,000 various components were automatically labelled and then fabricated with CNC milling machines. The numbering was determined in such a way that the assembly was nearly possible without a plan.

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