Big Dipper Coaster "Dynamite" in Theme Park Plohn

Customer Project

Client Freizeitpark Plohn GmbH
Coaster Design and Manufacturer MACK Rides GmbH & Co KG
Structural Engineering, Workshop Planning, Geotechnical Engineering Weiß Beratende Ingenieure GmbH

With Germany's first Big Dipper Coaster, you can experience spectacular roller coaster rides since May 2019. Since it was opened, the approximately 131 ft high and 547 yd long coaster has been one of the main attractions in the Plohn theme park in Vogtland, Saxony.

During the high-speed ride with speeds of up to 100 km/h including looping, helix and corkscrews, you can experience both accelerations of 4.4 g and the feeling of weightlessness. In addition, you go through a dark tunnel and later over it.

Big Dipper means that only one vehicle drives, four people each sit in two rows. The outer seats are quite far from the tracks, so you are floating next to the vehicle, so to speak.

Structural Analysis and Construction

Dlubal's customer Weiß Beratende Ingenieure performed the structural analysis of the roller coaster in RSTAB. For the fatigue calculation of the steel components, the internal forces were exported from RSTAB with the RS-COM interface and the fatigue designs were performed with a separate program. Weiß Beratende Ingenieure also calculated the station and the maintenance hall in RSTAB, as well as the tunnel including the decorational house (timber structure) in RFEM.

The approximately 547 yd long track of the Big Dipper forms a three-chord truss girder made of tubular steel sections. This truss girder is supported by a total of 76 columns. These are A-frames or fully restrained single columns. The roller coaster structure made of steel S 355 has a total weight of approx. 300 tons.

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