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Structural Analysis & Engineering Software

The FEA program RFEM allows for quick and easy modeling, structural and dynamic calculation, as well as design of models with member, plate, wall, folded plate, shell, and solid elements.

Due to the modular software concept, you can connect the main program RFEM with the corresponding add‑ons in order to meet your individual requirements.

  • FEA Software RFEM 6

Central Organization of Projects, Customer Data, Blocks, etc.

Among other things, the Dlubal Center manages the projects and model files in a central location. Detailed information and graphics facilitate the assignment of all models for quick order processing. In addition, customer data including licensed programs and add-ons, etc. is organized in the Dlubal Center.


Project Navigator

The project navigator manages the projects and models of the Dlubal applications in a central location. The models can be displayed in list form or with a preview image. In addition, detailed information such as file size, model data, modification date, etc. can be displayed as a preview.


My Dlubal

The "My Dlubal" category manages customer data such as address, licensed programs and add-ons, etc. In addition, you can go directly to the Dlubal website, e.g. for news, to access online services such as "Snow Load, Wind Speed, and Seismic Load Maps", or to use the FAQ database.



The Dlubal Center contains an extensive database with partly parameterized models, e.g. trusses, glulam beams, tapered frames, tower segments, and many more. They can be imported and modified, if necessary. In addition, models can be saved as blocks for later use.


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