Complex building of CLT

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This is a building of CLT including loads and compositions.


CLT Timber Medium-rise Building

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  • Downloads 59x
  • Anzahl Knoten 939
  • Anzahl Linien 746
  • Anzahl Stäbe 343
  • Anzahl Flächen 57
  • Anzahl Lastfälle 10
  • Anzahl Ergebniskombinationen 607
  • Gesamtgewicht 360,204 t
  • Abmessungen 32.000 x 16.200 x 6.455 m
  • Programmversion


Models for Downloading

You can download this structural analysis model to use it for training purposes or for your projects. However, we do not assume any guarantee or liability for the accuracy or completeness of the model.