Where can I see, that the RF-CUTTING-PATTERN flattening process converged?


The geometrically nonlinear flattening process takes over the real mesh geometry of the planar, buckling, single curved or double curved surface components from the selected cutting patterns and planarizes these planar components by minimizing the distortion energy assuming a defined material behavior.

The iterative calculation used for this is controlled by the parameters in the menu "Calculation Parameters"/"Cutting Patterns" tab.

The "Max Number of Iterations" parameter is limiting the scope of the calculation and stops the process when the set maximum iteration is reached. Provided the convergence criterion does not depend on the "Tolerance for Convergence Criterion" parameter in the Convergence range when the maximum iteration has been reached, the program displays error message 10154.

If no error message is output by the program, it is reasonable to assume a proper convergence.

The error can usually be solved by adjusting the flattening geometry or increasing the maximum number of iterations.


Convergence Flattening Error message 10154 Iterations Convergence criterion


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