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  • RFEM FEM Structural Analysis Software | Result Diagrams of Building Model
  • RSTAB Structural Frame and Truss Analysis Software | Model of Glulam Hall
  • RFEM FEM Structural Analysis Software | Model of Timber-Steel-Reinforced Concrete Hall
  • RFEM FEM Structural Analysis Software | Result Diagrams of Building Model
  • RFEM FEM Structural Analysis Program
  • RSTAB Framework Program
  • RSTAB Structural Frame and Truss Analysis Software | Result Diagrams of  Pedestrian Bridge

3D FEA Software

The structural analysis software RFEM 6 is the basis of a modular software system. The main program RFEM 6 is used to define structures, materials, and loads of planar and spatial structural systems consisting of plates, walls, shells, and members. The program also allows you to create combined structures as well as model solid and contact elements.

Frame Analysis Software

The structural frame analysis and design program RSTAB 9 contains a similar range of functions as the FEA software RFEM, with special attention to frameworks. It is therefore very easy to use and has for many years been the best choice for structural analysis of beam structures consisting of steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, and other materials.

Add-ons for RFEM 6 and RSTAB 9

Do you already know the basic structural analysis programs RFEM and RSTAB? Every construction project has individual requirements for a structural analysis program. The modular software concept enables you to extend the basic programs RFEM and RSTAB with the associated add-ons. This allows you to compile your own structural analysis program – just as you need it. You can get more information here!

Cross-Section Properties

The stand-alone program RSECTION determines the section properties for any thin-walled and massive cross-sections and performs a stress analysis.

The Effective Sections extension for RSECTION determines effective sections according to EN 1993‑1‑5 and EN 1993‑1‑3.


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