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16 April 2018

Paul Kieloch Add-on Modules RF-CONCRETE

In the add-on module RF-CONCRETE Surfaces, is it possible to limit crack widths due to internal restraint and with customized fct,eff?


To determine the minimum reinforcement from restraint (drain of hydration heat) in RF-CONCRETE, you have to select at least one load case or CO for design in the "Serviceability Limit State" register of the 1.1 General Data input form. The analytical method of check for the serviceability limit state is activated by default in this tab. See Figure 01.
After activating the checks in the serviceability limit state, you can now adjust their settings in input form 1.3 Surfaces. Switch to the Limit of Crack Widths tab in input form 1.3. On the right side, you'll find the "Minimum Reinforcement for Effects Due to Restraint". Once the box "Crack formation in the first 28 days" has been selected, the factor for controlling fct,eff,As,min can be entered. See Figure 02.


minimum reinforcement crack widths RF-CONCRETE Surfaces concrete Serviceability Limit State restraint hydration hydration heat

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