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After three years of construction, the new production of the renowned Scottish whisky maker Macallan was completed in May 2018. The company building has a spectacular roof structure which fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape. The green roof spans over a length of more than 656 ft. It consists of five domes with tapered off canopy.

Client Edrington Group
General Contractor Robertson Construction Group
Engineering Arup
Timber Roof Structure and Engineering WIEHAG GmbH
Architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Steel Substructure SHS Stahlverarbeitung GmbH


WIEHAG GmbH used RSTAB to perform the structural analysis of the timber roof structure. Moreover, the company was in charge of the planning, manufacturing and assembly of the roof.


The overall dimensions of the new distillery amount to 679 ft x 207 ft. The roof height varies from approx. 10 ft on the eave up to approx. 49 ft at the top. Four domes of equal height are arranged within the production, a fifth higher dome in the show room with flat roof and visitor center.

The five domes have the dimensions of 89 ft x 89 ft in the floor plan. Single-curved, on the top and bottom segmented and trimmed glulam beams are located here which are connected to the welded box sections. Due to the high loading, box sections made of steel were used as well for the valleys between the domes. They are cladded with timber panels for optical reasons.

Altogether, 1800 glulam beams were used in the roof. The entire structure is supported on a steel frame substructure provided by the customer which is positioned on a concrete floor slab. The roof has an architectural basic grid of 10 ft x 10 ft. The beams are segmented accordingly and follow its inclination according to the position of the dome. In the extension of the domes, inclined and segmented glulam beams are arranged which are connected to the steel frame structure of the facade.

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Timber roof structure Glued-laminated beam Truss steel structure

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