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Gerhard Rehm General RFEM RSTAB

How can I send files to support that are too big for an email?


It is best to save the file without results and without printouts. To do this, it is best to save a copy of the file and deactivate the results in the following dialog (incl. FE network - only RFEM) as well as the printout protocols. In the actual "Save" dialog, there is also a function to save the file compressed (see Fig. 01). The file size is significantly reduced again.

Should the file still be too big afterwards or the results or printouts should not be deleted by the support for reasons of better traceability, you can also submit your request via our website. To do so, follow the link below that directs you to the "Report a Problem or Error" page. This allows you to upload files up to 2GB in size. Of course, you can also use your own filehosting service and include the link to the file in the email.


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