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Where are the user-defined cross-sections saved and how is it possible to access them?


There are two ways to enter cross-sections that are not contained in the cross-section library into the RFEM/RSTAB.

1. Cross-section programs SHAPE-THIN and SHAPE-MASSIVE 

User-defined cross-sections can be created by means of the cross-section programs SHAPE-THIN or SHAPE-MASSIVE. The SHAPE-THIN or SHAPE-MASSIVE profiles can be imported via the cross-section library. To do this, click the 'Import Cross-Section from Program SHAPE-THIN' or 'Import Cross-Section from Program SHAPE MASSIVE' in the 'New Cross-Section' dialog box (Figure 1). In this dialog box, it is possible to select and import the desired cross-section. Please note that the cross-sections must be calculated and saved in SHAPE-THIN or SHAPE-MASSIVE before importing the cross-section values. It is only possible to import each cross-section individually.

2. Creating user-defined cross-section in RFEM/RSTAB 
If the cross-section values of the manufacturer are known, they can be created in the cross-section database of RFEM/RSTAB using the option 'Create New User-Defined Cross-Section' (Figure 2). In contrast to the cross-sections created with SHAPE-THIN or SHAPE-MASSIVE, these user-defined cross-sections cannot be designed in add-on modules such as RF-/STEEL EC3, because the data necessary for the design - such as c/t-parts - is missing.

To access the user-defined profiles, click the 'Load Saved User-Defined Cross-Sections' button in the cross-section library (Figure 3).

User-defined cross-sections are saved across all items in the EigProf.dat file. Even when jumping a version (for example from X.19.XXXX to X.20.XXXX), these cross-sections shall be imported. The storage location of the user-defined cross-section library can be specified in the Program Options (Figure 4). It is possible to copy a user-defined profile database already created on a work center and paste it into the respective directory of the other work center. The user-defined profiles are thus also available on the other work station without having to import them again.


EigProf.dat User-defined cross-section

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