Why are there different equivalent stresses in RFEM and RF‑STEEL, although the same CO is considered?


It is possible to display or calculate the stresses in RFEM as well as in the add-on module by means of the following smoothing options:

  • Constant on Elements
  • Non-Continuous
  • Continuous Within Surfaces
  • Continuous Total
  • Continuously by Groups / Continuous by Groups

To compare the results, the same display type and calculation type must be selected in RFEM and RF‑STEEL Surfaces.

In RFEM, it is possible to do this in Project Navigator Display → Results → Surfaces → Distribution of Internal Forces/Stresses (Figure 02). In RF‑STEEL Surfaces, this can be displayed or changed in Details → "Options" tab (Figure 03).


Stress Equivalent stress Differences in result Smoothing type Distribution of internal forces Constant on elements Non-continuous Continuous within surfaces Continuous total Continuously by group Continuous by groups

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