Edelweiss Industrial Park Workshop in Münchwilen, Switzerland

Edelweiss Industrial Park Münchwilen combines modern office space and storage facilities with a production hall. The timber structure, with a timber-concrete composite ceiling, forms an interesting structure that is an excellent example of modern and efficient construction.

Storage space and office facilities are located in the upper part, while a production hall has been set up on the main floor.

The Swiss Dlubal customer B3 Kolb AG was responsible for the construction. The FEA program RFEM was used to perform the structural analysis.

Structure and Design

Approximately 850 m³ (30,017.50 ft³) of timber was used during the workshop construction. The central girder of the first-floor ceiling rests on several BauBuche timber columns, which receive column loads of up to 3,650 kN.

All workshops need a certain flexibility, which was taken into account by this project. The result is a timber-concrete composite floor slab that is able to carry high loads despite the large span. In addition, this structural system ensures good noise and fire protection.

In order to connect the timber beams with the concrete slab in a shear-resistant manner, 13,000 PROFIX PHBV connectors were used on an area of 21,528 ft². Comparable composite systems require many more connectors. This way, time was saved, and the cross-section of the main girder was reduced. Overall, the chosen construction saved approx. 6% of the wooden volume.

Location Edelweiss Industrial Park
Murgtalstrasse 59
9542 Münchwilen, Switzerland
Edelweiss Fenster AG
Architect ART OF LOFT
Structural engineering (timber structure) and fire protection B3 Kolb AG

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 265
Number of Lines 434
Number of Members 313
Number of Surfaces 36
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 5
Number of Load Combinations 0
Number of Result Combinations 5
Total Weight 119.504 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 98,663 x 12,400 x 27,650 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 323.7 x 40.68 x 90.72 feet

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