Champagne Bar - Goodwood Racecourse, United Kingdom

Customer Project

The company LEICHT was awarded the design phase for the Champagne Bar’s new roof located at the Goodwood Racecourse. The planning steps included the form-finding process, the membrane and the supporting steel structure approval and design, as well as the membrane and the cable cutting patterns.

Owner Tayio Europe GmbH
Architect Hopkins Architects Ltd.
Overall Planning of Steel Structure, Membranes and Cables LEICHT Structural engineering and specialist consulting GmbH

Model Parameters


The canopy consists of a prestressed PVC membrane suspended between two masts while anchored to the ground at the edges. The prestress horizontal forces are resisted by the supporting steel structure. The membrane’s prestress is applied through the masts’ opposite displacement, which pulls the suspended beams upward and in-turn places tension on the membrane.

Between the highest points and the lateral bracing, polyester straps were integrated, which transfers forces from the bracing to the steel structure while also providing redundancy to keep the structure’s stability in the event the membrane is damaged.

In RFEM, a global model was created for the form-finding process as well as for the membrane and supporting steel structure design. In order to comply with all required clearance profiles and avoid the formation of water pockets, a differentiated form-finding procedure was carried out including applying prestress forces to individual components, others a defined target length, and some were excluded from the form-finding process altogether in order to adapt to the given boundary conditions according to their stiffness. The membrane fabric was modeled as an orthotropic surface.

Project Location

Selhurstpark Rd, Chichester PO18 0PS
United Kingdom


Membrane structure Cable structure Roof structure PVC membrane Form-finding Pattern planning Water pocket formation Pylon

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