New CLT Funeral Parlor in Chimay, Belgium

The new Desmet-Dardenne funeral parlor opened in the town of Chimay, France in 2021. In the search for an ecological construction, the choice focused on a structure made mainly of timber. Due to the free area of approximately 15,177 ft², the structure of this new funeral parlor allowed for gathering various funeral services in one place: a reception hall, workshop, store, offices, and storage space.
The engineering office D-Bois carried out the complete design study for the timber frame lot. Among other things, they carried out complete 3D modeling, including the HVAC networks, load reduction, and a stability analysis of the CLT panels (roof slabs, floors, walls, beams, walls, consoles), and produced manufacturing and site plans for the entire structure.


The walls, floors, roof, and elevator shaft are made of cross-laminated timber (CLT). Different compositions of CLT panels were used for the execution of the project. The panel thicknesses are suitable for this construction type and for good resistance to the existing loads. The floor and roof panels have a maximum span of 24 ft and are supported in places by intermediate beams and columns made of glued-laminated timber GL24h or steel.

Design in RFEM

To calculate the load reduction and perform the design, the structure was modeled and analyzed in RFEM.

RF-LAMINATE was used for the definition of the compositions and the design of the CLT panels of the manufacturer KLH, which is available in the library of cross-laminated timber products accessible in the add-on module. The glued-laminated timber and steel elements were designed according to Eurocodes 5 and 3 with the Belgian National Annexes in the add-on modules RF‑TIMBER Pro and RF‑STEEL EC3.

146 Chaussée de Couvin
6460 Chimay
Investor SRL Immo les Roches
BET Structure D-Bois

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 703
Number of Lines 1001
Number of Members 154
Number of Surfaces 208
Number of Load Cases 12
Number of Load Combinations 141
Number of Result Combinations 3
Total Weight 221.180 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 25.610 x 35.040 x 7.498 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 84.02 x 114.96 x 24.6 feet
Program Version 5.28.02

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