Cable and Tensile Structures

I would like to analyze cable and tensile structures. Is it possible to use RFEM or RSTAB for this?


Both RFEM and RSTAB are ideally suited for modeling and analysis of cable and tensile structures, including substructures. You can decide whether to consider the prestress of cables.

Main Programs RFEM and RSTAB

The main programs RFEM and RSTAB are used to define the model with its properties and actions. In addition to spatial frame and truss structures, you can also use RFEM to model plate, wall, and shell structures. Thus, RFEM proves to be the more versatile option.

Add-ons for Cable Structures

Various add-ons supplement the functionality of the main programs. In the design add-ons Steel Design and Aluminum Design, you can perform the ultimate and serviceability limit state design, as well as the stability analysis according to various standards.

The Form-Finding add-on for RFEM provides you with the option to perform form-finding for cable and membrane systems before the actual design.

In case of any questions about the Dlubal solution for cable and tensile structures, our sales team will be happy to assist you.


Mr. Vogl creates and maintains the technical documentation.