Pedestrian Bridge Rosenburg, Austria

Customer Project

Architect 4juu architekten 
Horn, Austria
Structural Analysis Konstrukt:ING GmbH
Vienna, Austria
Steel Structure Johann Binder
Gföhl, Austria

The pedestrian bridge over the Taffa river functions not only as a bridge, but also includes a garden tool shed and seating along the platform. Additionally, the delicate top truss chords provide pedestrian railing along the bridge length.

The Austrian Steel Construction Award 2019 was presented to both the structural engineering firm KonstruktING GmbH and the architecture firm 4juu architekten for their collaborated design of the project.


The pedestrian bridge has a total length of 74 ft 6 in with a free span of 50 ft 4 in. The top and bottom truss chords consist of 0.20 in x 3.94 in solid steel bars. The truss web members are 0.71 in diameter round steel bars arranged between the chords at varying angles and spacing. Depending on the force distribution along the structure, additional web members are placed at needed locations. The round bars are arranged in four planes which increase the transverse stiffness.

A thin deck of flat bars and channel sections spans between the bottom chords. The hardwood plank flooring is further placed on top of the deck. The pedestrian bridge widens as a Y-shape at the garden entrance. The garden tool shed is integrated at this location.

Due to the low material costs, the pedestrian bridge is an ecologically optimized structure that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding area.

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