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Design and Frame Construction LCA Construction Bois
Quai M, which is the name of the new concert hall, opened in September 2022 and includes two halls for concerts as well as rehearsal and recording rooms. The project replaces the city's old "Fuzz'Yon" concert room, providing a new and modern space for music.

Structural Analysis
Madergia, Efficient Timber Construction
Ansoáin (Navarra), Spain

Madergia, a Spanish Dlubal Software customer, presents this beautiful project designed by ZÜR Studio, for which engineers were responsible with regard to the structural analysis, manufacturing, supply, and installation of the timber structure. It is a pergola roof with folded plates, placed in an open public space in the town of Anoeta.

Timber Engineering Indermühle Bauingenieure

A new timber structure can be admired in Monbijoupark in the city of Bern, Switzerland. The gazebo was built during the park renovation and is to be used as a meeting place in the future. The unusual shape is particularly eye-catching and fits perfectly with the surroundings.

Structural Design VM Architettura Integrata Srl
Via Europa, 50
Busnago, Italy
The stand-alone program RWIND allowed Davide Prando (architect) and Marco Rota Nodari (engineer) to optimize the project, highlighting some critical locations on the buildings' surfaces, due to the high positive and negative pressure values encountered.

Structural Design VM Architettura Integrata Srl
Via Europa, 50
Busnago, Italy
For many years, VM Architettura Integrata has been involved in the design of rainscreens for buildings of considerable size; in this particular case, the collaboration between Arch. Davide Prando and Eng. Marco Rota Nodari has enabled the further development of wind flow analyses, examining two towers with heights of about 393 ft and 295 ft (120 m and 90 m), respectively, in a digital wind tunnel.

Planning and Structural Engineering GRBV Ingenieure im Bauwesen GmbH & Co. KG

In Münster, a pedestrian and cycle bridge must be replaced. What is special here is the elegant structure spanning the Dortmund-Ems Canal in a smooth arc. A very interesting structure!

Structural Design Konstruktionsgruppe Bauen AG

The King Louis Bridge is listed as a heritage building; built in 1852, with a length of about 403 ft, it is an outstanding example of civil engineering in Germany. Since 1986, the former railroad bridge, made of timber and steel, has been used as a pedestrian and cyclist bridge across the more than 98-ft-deep river incision in the Iller River.

Design and Engineering Digital Timber Construction DTC, Augsburg University of Applied Sciences
Team: Dr. Hamed Karimian A., Amin Adelzadeh, M.Sc., Prof. Dr. Christopher Robeller

The German "Digital Timber Construction" (DTC) Lab headed by Prof. Dr. Christopher Robeller has recently completed an impressive showcase of its research activities. It is a lightweight and environmentally friendly timber gridshell, which is part of the "Timber Structure Interface" (TSI) research project, built in Moritzplatz in the city of Augsburg, Germany.

Structural Design PIRMIN JUNG Schweiz AG

With the design of the BSH20 A "Stories" building, Dlubal customer PIRMIN JUNG has taken the classic apartment building to a new level. Due to the innovative use of cross-laminated timber, this customer project has a very special appeal, which fits remarkably yet harmonically into the cityscape of Amsterdam. A really interesting and beautiful building structure.

Structural Design Matrix Consulting Engineers Ltd

The Airedale swing bridge is the largest manually operated steel swing bridge in the UK. It provides access to a newly built housing development on the outskirts of Leeds.

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Successful Project with RFEM and RSTAB

“The 'Solhjul' art project was designed with the RSTAB and RFEM programs. Dlubal's great support contributed to the success.”

Project: "Solhjul" Art Project in Give, Denmark

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