Velodrome Project, Paraguay

At Metalúrgica Vera SRL, a metalworking company in Paraguay, metal structures are manufactured and assembled for various projects. One such project is the Velodrome, a sports facility prepared for cycling competitions.

The structure was calculated entirely by the Calculation Department of Metalúrgica Vera SRL, according to the corresponding regulations and Paraguayan Wind Standard NP 196. 

The most relevant aspect of this type of structure is the roof cover, with an area of approximately 11,000 yd2. It is made of frames with "bi-articulated arches" spanning about 256 feet between supports and with a rise of about 39 feet. The structure's weight is 259.043 tons.

Location PFWC+48 
Customer Implenia Constructora
Structural Engineer Ing. Gustavo Resquin
Manufacturing and Assembly Metalúrgica Vera S.R.L.

Project Specifications

Model data

Number of Nodes 2280
Number of Lines 5608
Number of Members 5608
Number of Load Cases 7
Number of Load Combinations 32
Number of Result Combinations 2
Total Weight 592.907 tons
Dimensions 312.59 x 385.56 x 63.54 feet
Program Version 5.28.01

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