Mountain Station/Garaging Hall Zinsbergbahn, Brixen im Thale, Austria

The "Zinsbergbahn" project was certainly anything but standard and therefore, the Grabner Stahlbau team had to solve many unresolved challenges.

At Grabner, experts in structural analysis, engineering, production, logistics, and assembly got down to work in order to implement this project in the best possible way.

Construction and Assembly

In all project phases, the architecturally appealing garaging hall, which is a cantilevered structure of about 98 ft and supported by only 3 columns, was a real challenge. The long cantilever combined with high wind loads, in connection with the maximum deformation limits allowed by the equipment manufacturer, were the greatest challenges to be solved.

From a technical point of view, using large welded trusses would have been easier, but they would not have been suitable for transport and assembly. Therefore, the Grabner Stahlbau team decided to develop individual structural components that were suitable for assembly and all phases of transport, yet still met the structural demands with regard to deformation.

Concerning production, these requirements resulted in very demanding tolerance limits, a special assembly concept with additional columns, and some specifically created footholds for the climbing areas on steep terrain. They were positioned with walking excavators and cranes so that the components could be assembled 98 feet above the ground safely and on schedule.

Liftweg 1
6364 Brixen im Thale
Investor Bergbahnen Brixen im Thale AG
Liftweg 1, 6364 Brixen im Thale
Architect A-B Seilbahn Planungsbüro
Aschaber Baumeister Ing. GmbH
Structural Design Grabner Stahl & Maschinenbau GmbH

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 1258
Number of Lines 2115
Number of Members 1982
Number of Surfaces 0
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 47
Number of Load Combinations 3
Number of Result Combinations 24
Total Weight 230.124 tons
Dimensions 221.37 x 68.8 x 115.68 feet

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