Transport of Mosque in Saudi Arabia

Customer Project

Structural Engineering Techniek en Methode B.V. Netherlands
Construction Contractor
Nesma Trading Co. Ltd., Saudi Arabia

Mammoet Middle East
Investor Saudi Arabia National Guard (SANG)

The following data relate to one floor slab.

Length: 92 ft | Width: 92 ft
Number of Nodes: 109 | Surfaces: 2 | Finite Elements: 27,695 | Materials: 1

In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a 2400-ton mosque has been moved in its entirety over a distance of 394 ft. This was the first time in Saudi Arabia that an entire building was to be moved to a different location.

The operation was meticulously engineered and realized by two Dlubal customers. Techniek en Methode B.V. Netherlands was in charge of the structural analysis of the floor slabs and the tracks which supported the whole building during the transport phase. Mammoet lifted the mosque, moved it in its entirety over a distance of 394 ft to its new location and set it down again in less than 48 hours.

Rescue of Mosque from Demolition

The original instructions were to demolish the beautifully designed mosque and build an identical mosque at a new location. At its original location, the mosque was blocking the new construction and extension of a hospital.

This process of rebuilding would have taken about ten months. The operation took only three months including preparations and reworking. The client thus not only kept the area clean and peaceful but also saved seven months of construction time.

The operation was executed without incidents. After just a short time, the visitors of the mosque could continue their prayers.

An animated video of transporting the building on skid is available here: Moschee-Transport

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