I have modeled a wall with basic reinforcement (diameter 12 mm, distance 15 cm, same inside and outside). This would result in the provided basic reinforcement of 7.54 cm²/m for each side. However, the module only shows a half (3.77 cm²/m) as the provided basic reinforcement inside or outside. Why?


You have probably entered the wall as a 2D model.

Figure 01 - Dialog Box with Model General Data and Setting of Model Type

If you enter the wall as a 2D model, you can only enter symmetric reinforcement on inside and outside in RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces.

In Window 1.4 of RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces, you can only find one reinforcement layout, where "top" and "bottom" are summarized.

Now, if you specify the reinforcement of 7.54 cm²/m in the 2D model, you get the provided basic reinforcement of 3.77 cm²/m in the result window 2.1 because RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces applies a half inside and outside.

If you now want to consider the reinforcement of 7.54 cm²/m for each wall side, it is necessary to enter the reinforcement of 15.08 cm²/m accordingly for the 2D model.

This would result in the desired reinforcement of 7.54 cm²/m for each side.

If you enter a 3D model instead of the 2D model (setting in General Data of the model, see Figure 01), you can enter the settings for the top and bottom part of the surface separately in RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces.


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