Sporting Venue in Donzère, France

Customer Project

Investor City of Donzère, France
Architecture Tekhne Architects, France
Arch'Eco Architects, France
Structural Analysis and Design Arborescence, France
Timber Construction and Additional Calculations CBS-Lifteam, France

To meet the needs of an expanding city, the city of Donzère constructed a sporting venue on a large triangular island located at the foot of the historic village. The new structure, dedicated to local schools and clubs, created the opportunity for sporting event practices and competitions.

Technical Details

The building is divided into two parts. The first part houses the gymnasium while the second includes the fitness studio, dojo ring, and administrative offices.

Two large truss beams with a wooden lattice, also known as mashrabiya style, are placed at the height of the vertical window panels allowing for natural light throughout the gymnasium. The beams include a clear span of 146 ft 12 in over the gymnasium auditorium. The upper and lower truss chords are BLC 656x2625 beams oriented flat while the truss web includes BLC 140x200 compression members and 7 x 459 x 459 tension and diagonal members. This beneficial truss configuration gradually distributes the internal forces with the appropriate stiffness meaning additional stiffness at the supports and reduced stiffness near the mid-span. The diamond-shape frame provides natural light dimming.

Project Design Engineers and Calculation Tools

The engineering company Arborescence in collaboration with the engineering company CBS-CBT utilized RFEM to analyze the structure and RF-DYNAM Pro to perform the seismic analysis.

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