Construction of a Jo&Joe Hotel Building in Gentilly, France

This project represents a major technical challenge for the company Le Bras Frères, of which the new team embodies an internal generational shift highlighted by a significant desire to increase skills and productivity through new investments (acquisition of a size K2i machine, extension of production facilities, and so on).


This project was conducted on behalf of the ACCOR HOTELS hotel group, consisting of the construction of a JO&JOE Hotel building located in Gentilly in the southern region of Paris, France.

This construction project contains the features as described below:

- A completely concrete basement
- A ground floor made of concrete
- Second through eighth floors featuring a timber outline with concrete cores

The timber frame construction covers the following elements:

- CLT panels shaping facade walls
- CLT panels shaping interior walls
- LC timber columns
- LVL backing columns
- LC timber beams and lintels
- Steel beams
- Metal angles supporting the openings
- CLT panels shaping the floors
- COFRADAL floor
- Various achievements

The facades are covered with a liner tray-type metal cladding made of thin metal sheet. The use of spacers composed of metal angles, mechanically attached to the plates or the shell supports, allows three-dimensional adjustment.

The slats are fastened to metal rails and the thermal insulation is mechanically ensured thanks to spacers.

Design Software

A 3D model of the timber structure and the steel beams was generated to lower the loads on the shell (concrete cores and walls). The rest of the analysis focused on the design check of the CLT floors. The outlining of the layer structure of the CLT panels from the manufacturer (Egoin) and the design of the panels were performed by the RF-LAMINATE module, which integrates a wide range of CLT panel suppliers.

Each floor level is supported on the edges by CLT walls. The floors in the public areas of the hotel are supported by timber and steel beams. The design of the timber beams as well as their fire resistance were carried out with the RF-TIMBER Pro module according to Eurocode 5. The steel beams were designed according to the same principle based on Eurocode 3, relying on the RF-STEEL EC3 module.

89-93 avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier
94250 Gentilly
Investor ACCOR
Architect Jean-Paul Viguier and Associates
Engineering Office Le Bras Frères
Timber structure and facade Le Bras Frères

Project Specifications

Model data

Number of Nodes 2035
Number of Lines 2818
Number of Members 245
Number of Surfaces 487
Number of Load Cases 5
Number of Load Combinations 83
Number of Result Combinations 4
Total Weight 701.896 tons
Dimensions 143.06 x 145.52 x 65.28 feet
Program Version 5.26.02

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