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In order to facilitate the data input, there are surfaces, members, sets of members, materials, surface thicknesses, and cross-sections preset in RFEM. It is possible to select the elements graphically using the [Select] function. The program provides access to the global material and cross-section libraries. Load cases, load combinations, and result combinations can be combined in various design cases. You can enter all geometric and standard-specific reinforcement settings for the reinforced concrete design in a segmented window. The geometry entries in both RF‑CONCRETE modules differ from each other.

  • In the RF‑CONCRETE Members add‑on module, you can define for example the curtailment of rebars, the number of layers, the cutting ability of links, and the anchorage type. For the fire resistance design of reinforced concrete members, you have to define the fire resistance class, the fire‑related material properties as well as the cross‑section sides exposed to fire.
  • In the RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces add‑on module, it is necessary to specify for example the concrete cover, the reinforcement direction, the minimum and the maximum reinforcement, the basic reinforcement to be applied or the designed longitudinal reinforcement as well as the rebar diameter.

Surfaces or members can be summarized in special "reinforcement groups", each defined by different design parameters. In this way, it is possible to efficiently calculate alternative designs with different boundary conditions or modified cross‑sections.

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RFEM Concrete Structures

Add-on Module

Design of reinforced concrete members and surfaces (plates, walls, planar structures, shells)

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