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Product Feature

There are various options available for beam modeling. A roof type determines the exact purlin location for wind and snow generation.

Two beam types are available: Continuous beam and Purlin. If you select the continuous beam, it is possible to define several release conditions of the beam. If you select the purlin, it is not possible to modify release conditions. In this case, the calculation considers a double cross-section in the coupling zone. In addition, several coupling elements become available:

  • Nails (prebored/not prebored)
  • Specific dowels
  • Screw connection with fastening system WT from SFS intec
  • User-defined specification due to characteristic bearing capacity

You can select the relevant timber grade of the material from the material library. All material grades for glulam, hardwood and softwood timber specified in EC 5 are available. Furthermore, it is possible to generate a strength class with user-defined material properties and thus extend the library. Permanent loads (for example roof structure) can also be entered using the comprehensive and extendable material library.

Generators integrated in RX-TIMBER Purlin allow for comfortable generation of various wind and snow load cases. By clicking the information buttons, the map of wind and snow zones for the relevant country is displayed. Load cases can be checked graphically.

However, it is possible to enter load specifications manually. According to the generated loads, the program automatically creates combinations for the ultimate and the serviceability limit state as well as for the fire resistance in the background.

Stand-Alone Timber Structures
RX-TIMBER Purlin 2.xx

Stand-Alone Program

Timber design of coupled purlins and continuous beams according to Eurocode 5 or DIN 1052

Price of First License
360.00 USD