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When dimensioning biaxially tensioned panels in RF-CONCRETE surfaces, I get a minimum reinforcement in both ceiling directions. Is it possible to set in the module where the minimum reinforcement should be applied?


According to EN1992-1-1, section 9.3.1, a minimum reinforcement to ensure a ductile component behavior is to be inserted in the main tension direction of the plate. By default, in RF-CONCRETE Surfaces the option "Reinforcement option with main traction in the considered element" is selected. This now means that for each element, the greatest tensile force is sought for each reinforcement direction and for the top plate (-z) and bottom plate (+ z). If the greatest tensile force was found for the single element, the minimum reinforcement is applied there. If, for example, the minimum reinforcement is only arranged in the main direction of tension for biaxially tensioned plates, this can be specifically controlled by the user. To do this, open the dialog "Settings of the minimum reinforcement with ductile component behavior". If you select "Define", you can specifically set in which direction and on which side of the component the minimum reinforcement is to be arranged.


Minimum reinforcement RF-BETON surfaces biaxial main tension direction ductile component behavior reinforcement

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