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A cantilever is fully fixed on the left end and subjected to a bending moment considering plasticity.

A thin plate is fully fixed on the left end and subjected to a uniform pressure considering plasticity.

Determination of the maximum deflection of a three-dimensional block fixed at the both ends. Block is divided in the middle: The upper half is made of an elastic material and the lower part is made of the timber - an elasto-plastic othotropic material with the yield surface described according to the Tsai-Wu plasticity theory. The block's middle plane is subjected to the vertical pressure.

A cantilever with fibers, which don't run in direction of the beam axis, from a square cross‑section with a tensile pressure. Calculation of the maximum deflection.

One layered square orthotropic plate is fully fixed at its middle point and subjected to the pressure. Compare the deflections of the plate corners for different fiber angles to check the correctness of the transformation.

Determine the torsional constant for cross-section of the tube (annular area) analytically and compare the results with the numerical solution in RFEM 5 and RSTAB 8 for various wall-thickness.

A three-dimensional block, made of elastic-plastic material with hardening, is fixed on the both ends. The block's middle plane is subjected to the pressure load. The surface of plasticity is described according to the Tsai‑Wu plasticity theory.

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