Customized Aluminum Structure for Jiangsu TV Station, China

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  • Customer project

Customer Project

At the request of Dutchrigger BV, T&E Support performed the structural analysis for an aluminum structure used in the Chinese TV station Jiangsu TV’s New Year's Eve show.

Owner Dutchrigger BV
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Structural Analysis T&E Support

In addition, T&E Support was responsible for supervising the installation. They utilized the RFEM finite element program and the RF-ALUMINUM add-on module to calculate and design the 3D model.

Stage Design

The show’s stage concept was modeled on a drop of water, symbolizing the sweat of struggle and tears of joy. The structure also resembled a drop of water and was motion-controlled. Twelve ring-like structures utilizing circular trusses were fully equipped with entertainment technology in order to transform into various shapes to match the stage performance.


Aluminum structure Stage structure Truss circle Event technology

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  • Updated 29 October 2021

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