"Terma Bania" Building Extension and Renovation in Białka Tatrzańska, Poland

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  • Customer Project

Customer Project

This project was designed using BIM technology. During the documentation process, IFC files were used for the data exchange. The architectural building model was first created in REVIT, then exported to RFEM to apply loads and complete the full structural analysis and design.

Engineering Office GSBK
Krakow, Poland
Architect ETC Architekci
Investor "Terma Bania" Aquapark



An additional extension, which includes lounge and restaurant areas, was added to the existing "Terma Bania" aquapark. The building was designed as a reinforced concrete monolithic slab-column structure. The underground supporting column spacing is 20 ft x 25 ft, while the aboveground spacing corresponds to the roof girder span. The building's lateral stiffness includes two stairwells and elevator shafts. The RFEM RF-CONCRETE add-on modules were used for the design of the reinforced concrete elements.

Due to the terrain conditions and the need to maintain the existing facade’s continuity, an arched roof was required. The goal of the design was also to minimize the number of supports at the ground and basement levels. Therefore, the roof structure is composed of glued-laminated timber GL28h arch girders with two span lengths: 54 ft and 73 ft. The roof girders are pinned at their ends, supported by reinforced concrete beams. The RF-TIMBER Pro add-on module was used for the design of the glued-laminated timber elements.

Due to the building’s display requirements, a glass facade was designed on the south side. Steel columns are used as the load-bearing elements. The roof structure in the glass facade plane is crowned with a reinforced concrete beam with two curvature vertical and horizontal radii. The reinforced concrete beam was modeled as a series of single-segment beams. The RF-Concrete Members add-on module was then used to design the series as a set of members, whereas the facade’s steel columns were designed in the RF-STEEL Members add-on module.

Because the building is composed of multiple materials (steel, reinforced concrete, glued-laminated timber), performing the analysis and design in a single software was possible utilizing the RFEM program and add-on modules. Modifications to the structure as well as the loads were possible in RFEM, significantly accelerating the design process.

Project Location

Białka Tatrzańska, Poland


Concrete structure RF-CONCRETE RF-TIMBER Pro

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