Triple Sports Hall in Stuttgart-Waldau, Germany

The triple sports hall with a saw-tooth roof built in the German town of Stuttgart-Waldau impressively shows the sustainable perspectives of modern timber structures. The trusses arranged in the shape of boxes ensure optimal daylight.

Dlubal customer merz kley partner, situated in the Austrian town of Dornbirn, was responsible for the structural analysis and used RSTAB for it.


The new building, which opened in autumn 2020, comprises the hall including a gym with bleachers and several multifunction rooms, as well as an equipment room and changing rooms on one plane. An essential design element of the hall interior consists of ten trusses made of high-strength beech-laminated veneer lumber, which were connected in pairs, forming a spatial structural system. The utilization of this building material enables a low effective depth due to the cross-sections, which are as slender as possible. The inherently sturdy boxes, with a span of about 98 ft, were clad with light-diffusing polycarbonate web panels to maximize daylight. With cladding on the sides and on the top using cross-laminated timber, these trusses weighing 24.251 tons each rest firmly on the columns, providing bracings for the structure without applying steel diagonals.

When prefabricating the trusses, self-drilling dowels were used and the assembly became easier and more precise due to a special setting tool. All other fasteners used in the rather hard timber had to be pre-drilled due to the high material density.

Source: Deutsches Ingenieurblatt, 6-2022, pp. 12-18
Location Sporthalle Waldau
Georgiiweg 5
70597 Stuttgart, Germany
Investor Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
Amt für Sport und Bewegung
represented by Hochbauamt
D-70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Architect Glück + Partner GmbH
Structural Design merz kley partner

Project Specifications

Model data

Number of Nodes 20
Number of Lines 32
Number of Members 32
Number of Surfaces 0
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 4
Number of Load Combinations 2
Number of Result Combinations 0
Total Weight 5.174 tons
Dimensions 99.41 x 8.07 x 0 feet

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