Residential Timber Buildings in Strasbourg, France

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Todays’ design methods and fabrication techniques of CLT panels allow for easier design and construction of high‑rise timber buildings.“Îlot bois de Strasbourg” is one of the first CLT building project in France that exceeds 98 ft in height. This building complex consisting of three high‑rise buildings provides commercial space on the ground floor and 146 residential units on the upper floors. The entire structure has a total area of 100,104 ft².

Structural Analysis Ingénierie Bois
Bischheim, France
General Contractor and Concrete Design Eiffage Construction
Oberhausbergen, France
Architecture ASP Architecture
Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France
Investor Bouygues Immobilier
Strasbourg, France


Structure and Design

The structural concept of the building with 11 above-ground floors is based on using several types of the CLT panels, depending on the floor. That is, the higher is the floor the smaller is the panel thickness. The cross‑laminated timber walls ensure the stability of the building.

Due to the diaphragm effect of the floors, the horizontal forces caused by seismic activity and wind are transferred by the vertical supporting members to the foundations.

The floors are supported by a glulam column-beam system that does not contribute to the stability of the building. Some of the timber downstand beams are replaced by steel beams. The bottom reinforced concrete part of the structure (ground floor) is very important as it absorbs the vertical and horizontal loads from the upper floors and transfers them on the pile heads.

For the design of the CLT panels and for seismic analysis, the structural analysis software RFEM has been used.

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  • Updated 18 November 2020

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