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3D Finite Element Analysis and Design

Structural engineering FEA software RFEM is the basis of a modular software system. RFEM is used to define structures, materials, and loads for planar and spatial structural systems consisting of plates, walls, shells, members (beams), solids, and contact elements.

Analysis & Design of Frame/Beam/Truss Structures

Structural frame analysis and design software RSTAB contains a similar range of functions as RFEM, with special attention to beam, frame, and truss structures. Therefore, it is very easy to use and for many years it has been the best choice for structural analysis.

Stress Analysis and Design

RF-/STEEL performs general stress analysis of members and surfaces by calculating the existing stresses and comparing the results with limit stresses.

Steel Design According To Various Standards

The following add‑on modules perform all characteristic designs of the ultimate limit state and the serviceability limit state as well as deformation analyses for structural steel.

Warping Torsion Second-Order Analysis with 7 Degrees of Freedom

RF‑/STEEL Warping Torsion is an extension of the RF‑/STEEL EC3 add‑on module. It performs torsional‑flexural and lateral‑torsional buckling analysis of members according to the second‑order theory with 7 degrees of freedom and application of imperfections with regard to mode shapes.

Plastic Design of Cross-Sections

RF-/STEEL Plasticity is an extension of the RF‑/STEEL EC3 add‑on module. It allows for plastic design of cross‑sections according to Partial Internal Forces Method or Simplex Method.

Eigenvalue Stability Analysis

RF-STABILITY/RSBUCK determines buckling modes and critical load factors of the model using the Eigenvalue Method. Therefore, the it is especially suitable for linear and nonlinear analysis of stability behavior.

Generation of Equivalent Geometric Imperfections and Pre-Deformed Initial Models

RF-IMP/RSIMP creates equivalent geometric imperfections (equivalent lateral loads) or a pre‑deformed initial model.

Fatigue Design

RF-/STEEL Fatigue Members performs fatigue design of members (beams) and sets of members in compliance with the standard EN 1993‑1‑9.

Design of Crane Runway Girders

CRANEWAY calculates and performs all required designs of craneway girders according to Eurocode 3. Optionally, you can select bridge or suspension crane.

Plate Buckling Analysis for Plates With or Without Stiffeners

Stand-alone software PLATE‑BUCKLING or add-on modules RF‑/PLATE‑BUCKLING perform plate buckling analysis of rectangular plates according to EN 1993‑1‑5.

Section Properties of Thin-Walled Cross-Sections

Stand-alone cross‑section analysis software SHAPE‑THIN determines cross-sectional properties, performs stress analysis and plastic design of any thin-walled cross-section. It is possible to export cross-section and calculated section properties to main programs RFEM or RSTAB.

Dynamic Analysis

Add-on modules for dynamic analyses are suited for seismic design, vibration analysis of buildings, machine foundation design, natural frequency analysis for bridges and chimneys, and many other dynamic calculations.

Structural Design of Steel Connections

Here you can find numerous add-on modules for the design of joints in steel and timber structures.

Knowledge Base | Steel Structures

  1. 1 - Setting Section from Library

    Cross-Section Classification and Plastic Analysis in SHAPE-THIN

    The cross‑section properties software SHAPE‑THIN determines effective section properties of thin‑walled cross‑sections according to Eurocode 3 and Eurocode 9. Alternatively, the program allows for plastic design of general cross‑sections according to Simplex Method. In this process, plastic cross‑section reserves are iteratively calculated for elastically determined internal forces.

  2. Figure 01 - System and Loading According to [1]

    Rigid Columns in RF-/JOINTS Steel - Column Base

    A structural analysis does not only determine and design internal forces and deformations. It also ensures that the forces and moments in a structure are generated in a reliable way and applied to the foundation. Dlubal Software provides a wide range of products for structural analysis and design of steel and timber connections. The RF-/JOINTS Steel - Column Base add-on module allows you to design footings of hinged and restrained column bases. The design can be performed for both column base plates with or without stiffeners.

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New in RFEM 5 & RSTAB 8

New in RFEM 5 & RSTAB 8

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