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8.36 Solids - Gas Pressure

To control the graphical display of the gas pressure, select Solids → Stresses → Pressure P in the Results navigator. Table 4.36 shows the gas pressure of solids in numerical form.

Figure 8.74 Results navigator: Solids → Stresses → Pressure P
Figure 8.75 Table 4.36 Solids - Gas Pressure

The table shows the distribution of pressure sorted by surfaces. The results are listed in reference to the grid points of each surface that encloses the solid.

The Grid Point and Grid Point Coordinates table columns correspond to those of results table 4.34 Solids - Stresses.

Pressure p

The gas pressure is a specific type of stress for solids of the type "gas" (see Chapter 4.5). It is determined with the functions of state for volume V and temperature T according to the following condition:

State equation for gases:


with T in [K] relative to absolute zero

Quick Overview of this Section

Quick Overview of this Section